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Takes All Types

The machine is only as good as the people that drive it and behind Cre8ion we have a team of people whose unique skills are added to the mix expanding our palette of abilities. With our 5 dedicated teams of Marketing, Digital, Design, Editorial and Production we aim to serve you with the expertise necessary to make an impact ‘all under one roof’. We have a large team of creative people, but here are the five that manage the process:

Darrell Irwin – Marketing Head

Darrell Irwin has been building Cre8ion by fully utilizing the skills and experience gathered by working with blue-chip clients such as Virgin Holidays, Levis, Zurich Financial Services to name a few. Working cross sector Darrell continues to build a team focused on ground-breaking solutions and techniques that challenge the creative arena. Launching the Ethical Media Network, Darrell’s passion for agency spends to impact communities and see the industries influence society positively is fast becoming an increasing reality.

Simon Cowling – Digital Head

Simon’s journey from techie to Digital head has been a testimony to what one can do with a pioneering spirit! Taking on all the challenges of the Digital world Simon’s skills have helped develop our increasingly strong digital portfolio. From Film to Web, Photography to Audio, Simon’s hands on approach and ability to deliver increasingly winning creative direction across a vast array of clients is one of our biggest assets. Simon sees every issue and opportunity and has the unique ability to get the most out of any technology. When asked ‘Is it possible?’ Simon always has a ‘yes’, and if he doesn’t have the answer immediately, be prepared to be amazed as he always delivers.

George Tunnah – Design Head

George Tunnah brings phenomenal creative solutions across the print arena, managing the creative direction of many of our publications. Building on brand, George manages to utilize the very best of design technology to make each piece as inclusive as possible. George also enjoys recording bespoke tracks for our more demanding of clients looking for unique soundtracks. He quite possibly has the most diverse music taste in the team – from Ambient to Progressive Metal!

Alison Carson – Editorial Head

The years of playing scrabble had finally paid off, as Alison’s love for words brings life to any written media, from slogans and headlines to magazine articles and website copy.
She has the ability to understand our client’s needs and communicate them in the appropriate style. Alison combines her planning and organisational skills to head up a growing team of writers who together convey the right message to help your business stand out and succeed.

Laci Nemeth – Production Head

All the way from Hungary where he oversaw the Hungarian version of ‘The Voice’ and ran news broadcasts for national television, he has the skills to make sure your business speaks for itself in any video presentation. Laci has the ability to see into the future when it comes to green-screening and give your company their very own special effects to make your presentation become a blockbuster. His cool head in pressurised situations helps you relax and enjoy being in front of the camera, just as much as he enjoys being behind it.