Switched On

Capturing the right moment on film can speak volumes. No words can do justice to the dynamic digital visual moment which tells the world about the uniqueness of who you are and what you can do.

Cre8ion’s focus on digital communications harnesses the power of television for effective customer contact. The how, who, when, what and where of your message are crafted into frames which create impact and response.

Once this powerful product is in your hands, it presents you with a communication tool which carries your message anywhere, from the web to TV, mobile to iPad. Choose your channel and be confident that viewing figures will rise and release your business into higher levels of success.


Managing project motion orientated work is often a new experience for many of our clients. Converting the proposal to the product may seem insurmountable, but Cre8ion carries your project through to completion. We navigate the process, from conceptual planning through scheduling, filming, editing and producing, from scriptwriting to storyboard and casting to the reality of a concept fulfilled. In casting you may become the star! Whatever we do, we keep you informed and up-to-date throughout the process. Having taken aim, everything is done so we’ll hit the target.

Having made all the right decisions back at HQ, we hit the studio as well as head for the locations pre-determined in the development stages. To make sure we don’t miss a thing, our team covers every angle, including all cinematography, lighting and sound, as well as directing requirements to finalise a project which will achieve what you have in mind.

Research is an integral part of our regime. We keep up-to-date with modern styles, techniques and practises that are used within motion graphics, film and animation, from green screen to making people enviously ask, ‘How did they do that?’ We add the finishing touches to your campaign that deliver a blockbuster on budget.

Making sure the final product is media compliant and that all relevant broadcast standards are met, either online, on TV or straight to DVD, finalises our client’s forward looking project.