Design : Fashion


Fashion, style, image or just creating an impression, individualism or team spirit can make its mark in the world. With Cre8ion, your message can be the mark that matters. From T-Shirts to uniforms, our team of fashion enthusiasts can take your organisation to a higher level.

Using uniform solutions which create graphic impressions can be fun and the sign of team strength and loyal participation. Each member will carry the message wherever they go.

Creating bespoke solutions from your existing brand or building upon a new one, we ensure the continuity and clarity of your message across your range of outfits, whether it’s for your staff or simply mechanising. Great for conferences, exhibitions, school uniforms or even team livery,

Cre8ion can give you printed, embroidered or fabric graphic solutions for your range of clothing. Whether hoodies, jackets, caps, sportswear or other specialised clothing, Cre8ion makes you stand out from the crowd by design.

Maximise the potential of winning designs with sharp looking solutions.