Editorial : Copy Writing

Take It Down

Often it’s not only what we say that makes the difference, but it’s how we say it. At Cre8ion, we apply the power of language in all we do. Whether teenagers or technicians, business people or bargain store staff, the first questions we ask are: who are we communicating with and what’s the message?

Whether a one-liner for an advert, the text of a seminar, a manual, instruction leaflet, whatever the copy, our writers relish the task. From concept to delivery, our team are involved in the journey so that nothing is lost in translation and everyone is on the same page.

The text may be chatty or formal, conversational or be more sombre, but the tone will always be appropriate to the task, clear, concise and readily understood. Bullet points, headings and headlines, whatever it takes, we’ll make the message stick!

At Cre8ion we understand the power of speaking another person’s language. Let Cre8ion make your words count!