Marketing : Strategy

Making The Right Moves

Step 1: Consultation and Workshop
Half-day workshop

The workshop process helps you explore your current business and how you need to take it forward. We help you find the direction you need to go and to understand the ways in which you can achieve your goals.

Step 2: Feedback and results
Presentation of the report

The Report will be delivered by hand and reviewed on a one to one basis (not emailed) so that there is understanding and clarity of purpose. To pursue the agreed outcome, a plan will be presented, aimed at determining the most cost-efficient way of fulfilling the agreed purpose and strategy.

Step 3: Strategic development
Implementation of strategy

We can either help by providing ongoing mentoring or work with you in a hands-on manner to help implement the necessary activities to achieve the strategic goals. Let’s put our heads together and create a foundation that you can firmly build on for many years by being prepared for the opportunities that will come!

If you would like to arrange a workshop with us contact us here